Skilled Trial Attorneys

Why Hire a Trial Attorney?

Aggressive representation you can trust!
Have you been arrested for a crime? It is important that you work with an attorney to help you defend your future and freedom. At William F. Riddle, Attorney at Law, we will aggressively fight to defend you against criminal charges. We understand that this time in your life can seem stressful, but it is imperative that you and your family receive the representation you deserve after an arrest. You need a strong, results-oriented trial attorney on your side to help you receive the best possible outcome for your case, and we can help!

All too often, you hear of attorneys who call themselves litigators only to learn that they have never actually tried a case in front of a judge or jury before. These false litigators instead chose to settle or plea your case at the courthouse steps. At William F. Riddle, Attorney at Law, we are able to get fast results for our clients because prosecutors, law enforcement, and opposing counsel know that we will not hesitate to try a case. You deserve to be aggressively represented! Do not hesitate to work with our team.

Goal-Oriented Strategies
No matter what charges you are facing, you can rely on our firm to provide you with the representation you deserve. We are a goal-oriented and result driven team that will aggressively seek the most favorable resolution to your case. Often times, a favorable outcome is the result of the attorney’s willingness to try the case and test the State’s evidence against your charges, which is why you should hire a trial attorney – we will do just that. From day one, we will prepare your case for trial and build you a strong defense.

The courts and justice system in Maryland can be tricky, and the laws outlining penalties for criminal offenders can be difficult to navigate. You should never have to face the court system alone, and you will never have to when you work with the dedicated staff at William F. Riddle, Attorney at Law. After an arrest, do not hesitate to contact the experienced and reputable Attorney Riddle and retain the legal guidance of a Cecil County criminal defense representative from our firm. Call now and schedule your free case evaluation.