Drug Crimes

What penalties could I be facing?
William F. Riddle Attorney at LawDrug crimes are incredibly serious criminal offenses that require the tenacious focus of an experienced and resourceful Cecil County criminal defense lawyer to help defend your case. At William F. Riddle, Attorney at Law, we will aggressively defend your charges against any drug crime accusations you may be facing. With the assistance of our experienced team, you may be able to get your charges reduced, dismissed, or you may be acquitted. This time in your life requires top-notch legal counsel, and you can rely on our team to provide you with the best available service for your case.

Under Maryland law, drug crimes include both prescription drugs and illegal substances. The state also has an incredibly high incarceration rate for drug offenders, even those facing misdemeanor marijuana charges. If you are found guilty of a drug crime, you can face time in jail or federal prison, a mark on your record, heavy fines and restitution, and probation. In some cases, you may be facing mandatory court-ordered drug or substance awareness courses. You could be arrested and charged with a drug crime if you are found:

  • Possessing an illegal substance
  • Forging or creating illegal prescription notes
  • Cultivating illegal drugs
  • Possessing drugs with the intent to sell
  • Under the influence of an illegal substance
  • Defenses Against Drug Crime Charges

In order to arrest you and formally charge you with a drug crime, an arresting officer must have a just reason to suspect that you are under the influence of drugs or have drugs in your possession. If you are acting erratically or seem to be engaging in suspicious behavior, you may give the officer reason to assume that you are involved in illegal activity. A police officer cannot, however, search you without consent. If an officer asks to search your home or property without a search warrant, it is important that you exercise your Miranda rights and decline to speak or submit to a search without first speaking with a Cecil County criminal defense attorney from William F. Riddle, Attorney at Law. We will fight your charges and help you obtain a favorable outcome for your case. Call now to schedule a free case evaluation and defend your future and freedoms.