Notable Case Results

March 2023 – DUI
Client was charged with DUI charge. William F. Riddle was able to convince the State to dismiss DUI charges against Defendant based on the results of the field sobriety tests.

March 2023- Illegal Possession of Firearms.
Client was charged with Illegal Possession of Firearms due to prior convictions on Client’s record. After extensive research and negotiations with the State, William F. Riddle was able to convince the State to drop all Illegal Possession of Firearm charges against Client. All charges were dismissed against Client.

March 2023 – Violation of Probation.
Client was charged with several counts of violating Client’s probation. William F. Riddle was able to convince the State, based on actions taken by the Client, that the Violation of Probation should be dismissed. The State agreed to dismiss all Violations of Probation and Client was able to walk free and the probation was terminated.

March 2023- Boundary Line Dispute.
Client was involved in a boundary line dispute with the neighboring property owner. A lawsuit was filed on behalf of Client to determine the boundary line. Through research and meetings with the Client, William F. Riddle was able to have both property owners reach an agreement acceptable to both property owners to resolve the boundary line between the respective properties without the need for extensive litigation.

March 2023 – Reinstatement of Driver’s License
Client requested assistance from William F. Riddle for reinstatement of driver’s license in Maryland. After research of Client’s driving record and assisting Client in obtaining personal documents necessary to obtain a driver’s license, Client was able to obtain a Maryland driver’s license without restrictions.

March 2023 – Violation of Protective Order.
Client charged with several counts of Violation of a Protective Order. William F. Riddle was able to convince the State to not proceed with the charges against Client. All charges were placed on the STET Docket.

April 2023 – Violation of Protective Order.
William F. Riddle was able to obtain a Not Guilty Verdict for Client charged with two (2) counts of Violation of Protective Order. The case went to trial and William F. Riddle was able to successfully argue to the Court that the State had failed to proof their case.

January, 2013 – Violation of Probation: Non-Payment of Child Support
Client was facing jail time as a result of allegations that he had not paid court-ordered child support. We were able to have the criminal contempt charge dismissed. Our experience in handling Violation of Probation cases worked in our clients favor. If you are facing a Violation of Probation be aware that it is a very serious matter. It is not something to take lightly as you can be put in jail and have other conditions placed on you. At the Law Office of William F. Riddle, we take great pride in being able to use our knowledge of the law and trial experience to put pressure on the State to obtain favorable outcomes for clients. Dismissed.

January, 2013 – CDL Violation
Client was facing a fine of $1,010 and points on his Federal DOT driving record for allegations that he was unable to comply with the English-Speaking requirements imposed on an individual holding a Commercial Driver’s License. Client was found not guilty of the charge. Under Federal law, as adopted by the State of Maryland, individuals who hold a CDL are expected to be able to communicate with the DOT Inspectors – the driver must be able to follow instructions, such as engage the emergency brake, check headlights, or engage the horn. Failure to be able to take the steps after receiving directions from a DOT Inspector can result in a citation for Failure to Comply With English Speaking Requirements. Client Found Not Guilty.

January, 2013 – Client Charged With Theft and Conspiracy to Commit Theft – Credit Card
Client was charged with Theft where the State alleged that she had been using the credit card of another without their permission. We were able to have all charges dismissed. When charged with a Theft case you must hire an experienced trial attorney who can challenge the State’s evidence. The State has a difficult burden when trying to prove theft, particularly where there is a third party bank that would have to be present at trial to testify about the records of transactions. Rather than taking a plea, we challenged the sufficiency of the State’s evidence which resulted in our client going home that day with all charges being dismissed. Dismissed

January, 2013 – Client Facing Suspension Of Driving Privileges Before MVA
Client was facing a suspension of her driving privileges as a result of being criminally charged with Driving Under the Influence. When charged with an alcohol-related driving offense, clients are not simply facing the criminal penalties of jail time and fines, but are also subject to a suspension of their license by the Motor Vehicle Administration. You must vigorously defend against the civil suspension just as you do the criminal sanction. In this case, the Law Office of William F. Riddle was able to save the client’s privilege to drive.

January, 2013 Client Charged With Theft and Facing 90 days in jail receives “STET”
Client charged with Theft Under $100 and facing 90 days in jail and a $500 fine received a STET meaning that the State did not prosecute the Client. The State chose not to prosecute because our office was willing to push the matter to a trial by raising issues related to the State’s ability to prove the case, such as the State not having provided all evidence to the Defense and having a witness identification problem. It was our willingness to go to trial that resulted in the Client spending no time in jail.

February, 2013 – CDL Defense; Overweight Violation
Client was charged with exceeding his maximum allowable weight of 80,000 lbs. Client was found not guilty after trial where our attorneys challenged the evidence. This represented a savings for the driver of $556. It is important to have an experience criminal defense attorney defend your Commercial Driver’s License. This area of law is complex and your ability to earn a living hangs in the balance. Do not just pay the ticket. Do not appear in Court without an attorney. Your privilege to drive is too important! The client in this case was charged with exceeding the weight maximums imposed under Maryland Law. The guidelines are found in COMAR and the Transportation Article and generally prohibit a Commercial Motor Vehicle with 5 axles from traveling interstate while in excess of 80,000 lbs. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when challenging an overweight ticket such as: does the issuing Police Officer have the training necessary for weights and measures, are the scales properly calibrated and tested, and does the Commercial Licensed Driver have any legal exemptions allowing them to operate above 80,000.

February, 2013 – Juvenile Matter
Client was charged with various theft and burglary crimes in the Juvenile Court. As a result of our aggressive representation, we were able to convince the Court to release Client from detention. The Client was also released from home detention monitoring and placed on probation. The end result was that the young man was permitted to return home to the care of his family. Juvenile matters are handled somewhat differently than criminal cases. A Juvenile is not found “guilty” of an offense but instead it is determined by the Court if the juvenile is “delinquent”. A finding of delinquency means that the Court must then determine the appropriate “sentence” for the juvenile which is known as the “disposition hearing”. At the disposition hearing the Court can impose a period of indefinite probation, require home detention by electronic monitoring, or impose a period of incarceration in a juvenile facility. Our attorneys have experience in handling juvenile matters and will aggressively defend your child’s legal rights.

February, 2013 – CDL Defense; Overweight Violation
William F. Riddle defended a client who was charged with failing to obey direction signals to submit to weighing and measuring. After negotiations, client was found guilty of a lesser charge of a local laws violation. This represented a $940 reduction in fines and protected the driver’s record from being tarnished with a more harmful infraction. The failing to obey direction signal to submit to weighing and measuring is a violation of the transportation article of the Maryland Code.

December 28, 2020 – Impersonating Police Officer
Client was charged with Impersonation of a Police Officer after police investigation. The Law Office of William F. Riddle proceeded to trial and obtained a Not Guilty verdict by convincing the Court that the client at no time represented that he was a police officer. Client was found Not Guilty. When charged with a criminal offense, it is important for the defense to require the State to prove all elements of the charge against the Defendant.

December 28, 2020 – Possession with Intent to Distribute/ Vehicle Search
Client was arrested and charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Dangerous Substance after police stopped his vehicle and conducted a search of the interior of the vehicle. The Law Office of William F. Riddle was able to convince the Court that the search was illegal, and all evidence seized as a result of the search was suppressed. All charges against the Defendant have been dismissed. The police must have probable cause to be able to search a vehicle. In this matter, the police did not have probable cause to conduct the search of the Defendant’s vehicle.